Monday, March 28, 2011

Eternal Hunger... (written 03.25.11)

I'll just stay hungry forever
I'll never be satisfied
I can ignore the pain I feel
Just as well as the lie

I couldn't scream
With my throat so tight
I felt it closing
All through the night
But when looked up
And saw the sight
My eyes swelled up
And I couldn't fight
All I wanted
Was something light
Just a little something
To make it alright
But instead I was left
With something so slight
I tried and tried
With all my might
To hold on to it all
Oh so tight
But it wasn't enough
It just wasn't right
And my mind and body
Couldn't handle the flight
Something was wrong
And it'll never be right
So I promised myself
I wouldn't take another bite
Until the day
I've become like a kite
Fly high in the sky
And be ever so light
I'll float away
And it will all be right
As I dance away
In the warm sunlight.

I'll just stay hungry forever
I'll never be satisfied
No dessert will ever fulfill
The hunger I feel inside

Thursday, March 10, 2011

*Insert Witty Quote Here*

Writer's block is when the voices in our heads won't talk to us anymore.  The usually friendly, lively characters we've created become our silent secret enemy who we want nothing more than to ring their necks and shake them until they finally speak again.  This is what I've been going through for the past month.  Aubrey's ignoring me, Azra has blocked all my incoming calls, Storm unfriended me on facebook, Vincent's blocked my tweets, and everyone else is standing in the same room talking amongst themselves and all I can here is the sounds of their muffled voices all going at the same time.  No words for Jess.  Just a bunch of voices talking together, making it extremely difficult for me to concentrate!!