Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's been a while -- so, 20 Questions?

What’s something that scares you about the future? Getting a "real" job, if the writing thing isn't enough to pay the bills, figuring out how to pay back my student loans, getting married, the machines taking over, aliens invading, global warming, the blood clot in my leg coming back and giving me a stroke, 

Five things you cannot live without: coffee, my medicine (it's unsafe for everyone if I stop taking my meds, trust me), my car, hugs from my son, and my phone or laptop. Some way to be connected. 

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Yes... one I created, Azra from Aubrey Nightingale, and Trent from Daria.  

Who is your celebrity crush? Matt Davis, Drew Fuller, and I have a girl crushes on Emilia Clarke and Amy Manson.

Are there any unusual genetic traits that run in your family? Oh, just mental illness, and pretending they don't have a mental illness... on both sides, too.

List your top 5 favorite Girls Names (for Characters): Aubrey, Storm, Fiona, Lydia, Sydney

List your top 5 favorite BOYS names (for Characters): Azra, Declan, Dominic, Vincent, Weston, 

Top 5 favorite GIRLS Names (for potential children): Skyelar Violet, Lorelai, Natalie, Autumn, Sunny (Sunshine Skye).

Top 5 favorite BOYS Names (for potential children): Cosmo, Orion, Connor, Cole, Roman

List Top 5 Favorite Old Fashioned Names (Girls & Boys): Violet, Astrid, Wyatt, Lucien, Sebastian

List Top LEAST Favorite Names (Girls & Boys):  Angus, Bertha, Blanche, Dolores, Gertrude, Helga, Margo, Mort, Prudence, Richard (don't name your kid Dick), Ursula, Wilma,  any name that ends in "een" 

Why are you so obsessed with names? I don't know. It's like... some girls like shoes, or purses, I like names. I like words. A name has power. Meaning. It's something you give someone and they keep it forever (unless they have it legally changed...) But to me a name is the one thing you give you kid forever. Besides love. I mean, you know... 

What is your full name? Why did your parents give you that name?  Jessica Lynn ... my  name was originally going to be Aubrey Jean, but my mom heard the name Jessica on a TV show and changed it 2 weeks before I was born. I guess she really liked it and didn't realize it was the 2nd most popular name that year. My parents were so basic, and they didn't even know it... 

What were your favorite subjects in school? Why? Music, Psychology, Creative Writing, and any class that allowed me to write papers/essays. I loved writing, even if it was a boring subject. 

What subjects did you like the least? Why? History because ... *snores* It was the same stuff over and over again, just learning it in a different grade. So boring.

How did you meet your spouse? Through mutual friends. My friend from high school was dating his best friend at the time.

List 5 interesting things you’ve experienced in your lifetime. Child birth; visiting NYC, Niagara Falls, Disney World, and Nashville; being a Mom/trying to be a step mom; the world changing really quickly from no internet to all the sudden, everyone is connected and there's information literally at your fingertips; the transition from landlines to cellphones to smart phones... that was huge, just the past 16 years has been one giant experience. 

If you could spend a day with any famous person in the world, who would it be, and what would you do during your day with him or her? Ellen DeGeneres. I'd be a guest on her show... and have to block out the audience and cameras. Just focus on Ellen. And talk about all my books, and how funny I am. 

What scares you? Large crowds, traffic, driving in bad weather, talking to new people...

What advice would you pass on about raising children that you learned by raising your own children? Give them freedom, but not so much they walk all over you. Love them. Make sure they know they're loved, unconditionally. Let them be themselves.